Jonas Asante


If you are on this site chances are you are in the same position I use to be in. Looking to leave your current position to start a online business. Working for yourself and not a employer who will misuse you or take your for granted became a reality for me.

My background is in Criminal Justice. I am a Ex Correctional Officer who use to instruct people locked up and break up fights for a living. For the most part I enjoyed what I did for a living. But the people I worked with were intimated by me even though I kept to myself. Even though my work ethic was unmatched and I worked overtime the majority of the time asked the employer let me go.

Because of this unjust firing I have focused the rest of my days on starting my own business. Also, my attention is centered on helping other people that were in the same situation I was in start there own business as well. Six Figure Mentors (SFM) is the company helping people realize there dreams of becoming business owners.


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